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Your trusted agent is now in Reach.

Agents place yourself in front of every home your buyers discover.

Why Realagogo search is better.

Get actual home sale prices, reported directly by selling agents, not easily mistaken consideration from registry tax stamp calculations. Find out true prices that only closed involved agents report to MLS.

Agents be in Reach for your buyers.

Immediate assistance. On the go. All the time.

Trusted by over 800,000 buyers, sellers, and agents. MLS Assistant means your trusted agents are nearby, on the listing, for you to immediately reach. Don't be a lead for an untrusted or undisclosed party. Use Realagogo for search instead!

And many more devices.

Location aware. Device ready. Every place, every space you need to see.

Have your agent schedule showings and respond to offers no matter where you are or when the time is right. With Realagogo only the agents you trust and select are connected to you and your decision partners.


Find out best. Veezat Scores.

Get to new listings and your agents own reviews, first. We update from MLS sources faster than anyone else. Complete, reliable, accurate. Your agent + local market expertise. What matters most.

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Accuracy matters.

Only your agent and the listing and selling professionals she works with- real people you can rely on, get actual home sale facts. Don't mistake 'public' sales reports -calculated from tax stamps at the registry as the true consideration of each reported sale. Only closely involved agents, held to the highest standards of conduct, can tell you the current size and condition of listed property and the honest truth about each listing and sale.


Snap. Compare. Succeed. Record your Veezats.

Not just a feature for listing agents, both you and your search partners can add your own notes and pictures of visited homes. Generate full length augmented reality tours right from your phone for every listing you or your partners discover. Compare homes from your own experience. Its a big decision. You want to make it right.